What can we recycle?

Newspapers, take out containers, cardboard, magazines, file folders, junk mail, aluminum cans, plastic drinking bottles, non-sensitive colored & white office paper, metal (tin) cans & more.  Accepted Materials

Do we need to sort everything out – separating aluminum cans and plastic from cardboard, for example?

No! Our bins and recycling processes are “co-mingled” – no need to sort the elements out as in times past. As long as you try to keep non-recyclable materials out of the mix, we’ll be in great shape.

What about non-recyclables, such as Styrofoam?

We wish we could recycle Styrofoam! But until those rules change at the recycling center, it’s beyond our power to change. (In the meantime, we’re thrilled to be keeping so much material out of the landfill!)

Will you provide instructions?

Absolutely! If you like, we’ll host a brief, informative meeting with your employees, providing literature on how to best utilize our service and help the environment. Plus, we’ll supply other various resources and insightful information directly, and via this Website, Facebook, TwitterLinkedIn You’re not alone!

What about contracts? Are we signing an agreement for a specified time?

We ask that new clients sign a two year service agreement.

What is the cost?

  • 64-Gallon Bin
    $33 Per Pickup
  • 96-gallon Bin
    $38 Per Pickup

*Discounts available for multiple services at one location.

What is your service area?

We serve the entire Kansas City metro area, both Missouri and Kansas, from Belton to Gladstone and Olathe to Parkville.


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What size bin do I need?

We recommend one 64 gallon bin serviced monthly for 5 to 10 employees who are all participating in the program. Companies with 11 to 18 employees should easily be able to fill a 96 gallon bin monthly. Companies over 20 “recyclers” (employees) will need to look at weekly or bi-weekly service.

What are the actual dimensions of the bins?

64 Gallon bin 34” wide by 34” deep by 45” tall

96 Gallon bin 36” wide by 36” deep by 48” tall

*Dimensions can vary slightly based off brand of bin utilized.

What if my bin gets filled faster/slower than the contracted time?

Contact us via phone or email. We’ll make an unscheduled pickup when our truck is in your area, and leave you a new container. We’ll also talk with you about modifying your schedule, if needed, so it becomes more automatic – and you won’t need to spend much time monitoring the schedule.

What if my bin smells bad?

It can happen! Just like you would at home, we encourage our customers to rinse their plates, cans, plastic containers, etc. Any food tossed into the bin will decompose – or attract unwanted pests. It’s just nature!

Can we place the bin outside?

Sure! We realize that space is often at a premium in many offices. Please check with your landlord for permission first & check with your company’s management as you will be financially responsible if the bin disappears.


Got more questions? Call Business Recycling Solutions at (816) 331-7200