Recycling Service Kansas CityLike many of you, we are small business owners here in Kansas City. We were trying to do the right thing for the environment – trying to recycle at work. We had no problem getting our staff to participate in our “grass roots” office recycling program, and the materials quickly piled up.

At first, we took turns taking the recyclable materials home for curbside residential pickup, as there seemed to be nothing geared for small offices. This worked alright for a period of time, but soon everyone got tired of hauling everything home in the trunk of their cars and having to double handle the material.

Different Recycling Approach

Then we tried a different approach. We would separate all the materials and transport them to a recycling center. This was laborious for the employees and took too much time out of the workday. It too was eventually halted for a variety of reasons.

Business Recycling Service KC

Stacie and Brian of Business Recycling Solutions

We knew there had to be a better process. Something that was simple and easy for employees, time and cost-effective for business owners. We began by testing the process with a few selected clients, and quickly knew we had a winner. A convenient solution was developed out of this testing which accomplishes the objective of responsible recycling with very little physical effort on the part of the employees.  Three months later, in April 2015, Business Recycling Solutions was born.

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