Congratulations! Your office just signed up for monthly recycling service at work.

NOW WHAT? Take the 80/20 recycling pledge! Commit to recycling 80% of your office waste from the very beginning.

Here’s how …

Office recycling with Business Recycling Solutions is a two-part process:

  • Our Part: To provide an inexpensive, easy & fun way to recycle at work.
  • Your Part: Start a successful office recycling program that educates & informs your employees, and to encourage employee participation. Start by assigning an office coordinator who monitors the office recycling program.

Place collection containers:

Place containers as close as possible to where the recyclables are being generated — usually at each cubicle or desk. Business Recycling Solutions suggests using an empty copier paper box clearly marked with the recycle symbol to collect all recyclables. When full, simply dump the contents into your 64 or 96-gallon bin and re-use your cardboard box. (A note to the Office Coordinator: Be sure to alert the janitorial staff of your new recycling program or all your efforts go into the trash and to the landfill!)

Educate and Inform:

business recycling solutionsKick off your program with a quick educational piece that covers what is and is not recyclable around the office. Follow us on our social media sites- Facebook, Twitter, & LinkedIn for fresh recycling tips and suggestions. Distribute the handout we provide that outlines all acceptable materials. Your fellow employees can make or break a recycling program. Get them involved, keep them informed, and motivate them to reduce, re-use, and recycle. Contact & schedule an environmental planner to speak to your office employees about recycling. It’s very informative & free! Make the process fun!

Inner Office Communications:

To achieve a long lasting, successful recycling program at work there needs to be good communication throughout the organization on a regular basis. Inform your fellow employees of just how big of an environmental impact their recycling efforts are having- this will motivate them to do even more. Have friendly competitions. Again, try to make it fun!

Distribute the quarterly “recycling grade card” that Business Recycling Solutions sends out to the office coordinator via company email. Feature it in your company newsletter. Post it to your intranet! If contamination rates are too high and changes are needed, be positive, encourage & retrain your team.

Recognize employees who go above and beyond to recycle at work.

Measure the Results:

Track how much material is being collected by department or floor. If you’re scheduled for monthly service, look at the bin(s) weekly to check how full they are. This only takes a second, and if your office staff is not participating, find out why. Perhaps the bin(s) are not in a convenient location. This is also a good time to check for any contamination or non-recyclable items in the bin.

Now that you have established a successful recycling program at work and are recycling 80% of your office waste, be sure to look at reducing the number of trash hauler pickups.

By being a customer and taking our 80/20 challenge, you will receive a window cling sticker that tells all your customers your office is diverting 80% of its office waste into recycling efforts. Your business will also be highlighted on our website.

For more information, please contact Business Recycling Solutions at: (816) 331-7200